About us

Quiénes somos (castellano)

The Espacio de Encuentro Comunista (Communist Meeting Space) or EEC is a new relationship framework for political education, debate and unity of action  for communists from a great variety of origin, no matter whether o not active members of some particular organization.

Our purpose is to create a new habit of unitarian relationship between communists from the base, beyond organizations, although fully compatible with beeing active members in them, and to boost, within our class, the recovery of the influence and the force of the communist thought and offer, so neccesary nowadays when the capitalist crisis hits the working-class in such a wild way.

The capitalist system is suffering from a deep crisis.  Though it alternates between phases of growth  and depression, it's a no-future model that cannot be relaunched by means of reforms.  The so-called Welfare State was a response to the 'challenge' the USSR posed to capitalism, as an option showing that it was possible to build a society not based on capitalist accumulation.  Moreover, it was in the interest of the capital to raise de purchasing power of people, as a kind of falsely egalitarian 'mind-numbing', to face the pressure the force of the labor movement and its organizations played against it.  Today, when the capital, plunged into a deep crisis it doesn't know how to get out, has serious difficulties to avoid falling its profit rate, the Welfare State is already part of a past that will not return.  It will not because what capitalism needs -since it cannot sustain its costs- is finding new market niches, appropriating what was previously "public" and thus generating accumulation by dispossesion.

On the other hand, the exploitation of resources and of working-classes in Latin America, Africa and Asia did generate enormous benefits for capitalism in the West allowing it to finance the Welfare State without affecting too much its obscene capital gains.

Together with the struggle for the emancipation of the working-class we are in solidarity with the fight against other oppresions, oppresions for reason of sex, ethnic group, nationality or sexual orientation..., since we understand that the socialist society we are fighting for must carry in its entrails a globally egalitarian proyect among all human beeings.

We know that at this moment  the vast majority of communists are not organized in parties.  In fact, this initiative was forged 10 monts ago among communists without party, initiative to which were added later -especially after our I Assembly on the 26 September 2015- a wide variety of communists with party, though doing it on an individual basis.  In this relationship on an equal footing between one and other we make a fundamental question to focus on what units all of us (class struggle, centrality of the working-class in the struggles, dictatorship of the proletariat as class-domination in the same way as the bourgeoisie is today imposing its own against the workers, insurrectional process towards socialism and, of course, construction of a socialist society), without ceasing at the same time to continue debating  what, even today, we do not agree on.

On October last year (2016), as a result of the mandate issued from our I Assembly, took place the II one, from which the commitment was born to produce a series of documents organised around items such as political program, organization, labor movement, feminism, international and training as well as to provide us with a kind of provisional coordination to make easier contact with the EEC members and to be a way to get to the III Assembly where to discuss our initial theoretical-political corpus and to endow ourselves with a more stable organization to continue moving forward and join the real fight.  You'll find here the results of that debate.

Our aim is to achieve some day the unity of all communists in a single organization, an inevitably long and complex process needing all the complicities from the communist militant base.  We don't know whether that goal will finally be reached but, in the meanwhile, we believe that the existence of an area of plural relationship where to get used to thinking and working together will be a great advance towards the spreading of the marxist thought and the strengthening of the communist movement all over the Spanish state.

One of the first resolutions the EEC has taken is beginning to constitute us territorially -towns, cities, regions- as Base Communist Spaces (BCS) to take our positions to the struggles of our class.  Likewise we are open to sectorial organization.

If you want to get in touch with us, you can do it through the mail encuentrocomunista@yahoo.es.