Publicado el 15 Jul 2021

Let's stop the steps towards the privatization of healthcare

The degradation of healthcare in context.

Public services such as health services, education, nurseries, social support or nursing homes are part of the salary that we as workers receive collectively. So are pensions and unemployment benefits. They are not free services, but part of our salary that has been previously deducted from us in the form of social insurance’s contributions or taxes. Most of it comes from our own contributions in the form of  income tax, VAT or special taxes. But it also comes from taxes and contributions applied to companies or capitalists to redistribute part of the work generated by us that they appropriated during the production process.

We cannot understand our salary without taking into account that the struggle of other workers in the past achieved the collectivization of all these services and benefits. If each worker had to pay for these expenses individually by hiring them to private companies -which only provide them if there is a benefit-, our living standard would go back a hundred years. Imagine having to mortgage your house (if you are lucky enough to have one) to be treated for cancer or losing all your retirement  benefits if a stock market crash drains your pension fund. Unfortunately, there are already battles that many workers have given up for lost, such as the possibility that our older children receive university education or that the youngest kids or our elderly parents receive adequate care while we are working.

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